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The Law Firm of R.M. Dreger, P.C. is headquartered in the heart of downtown Chicago. The firm maintains a strong reputation for creating common-sense solutions to the complex challenges of its commercial clientele.

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  • Successfully vacated a 7 year old civil judgment of $1.25 million against a family-owned business victimized by attorney fraud, and then secured a $250,000 judgment against the estate of the fraudulent attorney.

  • Successfully defended a construction company and a developer against a $1,100,000 personal injury claim arising from a 9 year old residential stairway alteration and negotiated a full and final release of liability for both the construction company and the developer in exchange for an aggregate payment of $20,000.

  • Successfully negotiated a release of liability from a $97,000 judgment previously entered against a client, in exchange for the payment of only $23,000 over a 14 month period.

  • Secured a $155,000 verdict at trial against an Illinois attorney who participated in a mortgage fraud conspiracy and secured recovery of an additional $35,000 from structured settlements with the remaining five co-conspirators.

  • Secured a $21,300 settlement on behalf of a packing company for damaged meat products, notwithstanding a fully enforceable contract that limited the claim to $1,700.

  • Rejected a $32,000 settlement offer and instead, secured recovery of $192,000 for a client from an insurance company representing a construction firm that caused extensive structural damage to the client’s commercial building when the contractor conducted unlawful excavation on a vacant lot adjacent to the client’s property.

  • Secured and enforced a judgment on behalf of a client against a company that defaulted on a $101,000 asset purchase installment payment plan, thereby ultimately recovering $153,000 which sum included the unpaid asset purchase price, plus all attorneys fees and statutory interest.

  • Secured and enforced a judgment on behalf of a commercial landlord against an international art broker that caused extensive damage to the premises during its tenancy, thereby ultimately resulting in the recovery of $72,000 on behalf of the client, including all attorneys fees, statutory interest and penalties.

  • Created the complex legal structure that was necessary to protect and advance the proprietary and financial interests of a local manufacturing company whose product and brand experienced unprecedented social media exposure and celebrity endorsements that transformed the client into a nationally recognized international distribution firm in less than 8 months.

  • Secured the recovery of $126,000 from a Fortune 500 company in less than 75 days, to settle the claim of a client who was a middle management officer and became the victim of severe sexual harassment and unlawful termination.

  • Secured a permanent injunction and a $50,000 settlement recovery against a former executive officer who engaged in unlawful misappropriation of trade secrets of our client, a nationally acclaimed public relations firm.

  • Successfully negotiated and secured the payment of a $210,000 amount to our client to settle a domestic partnership dispute, notwithstanding that Illinois is not a community property state and none of the domestic assets were titled in the name of our client.

  • Successfully  negotiated the settlement of the sexual harassment claim of a 23-year-old performing artist, thereby securing for our client the exclusive right to perform as a featured solo performing artist with an internationally acclaimed orchestra.

Real Estate

Real Estate and Development – The professionals at DregerLaw provide their clients with an integrated plan when they are purchasing or selling a home or a commercial property; or planning to develop a property. With extensive experience in the industry, two of DregerLaw’s attorneys are also licensed real estate brokers who have, to date, successfully completed over five million dollars of commercial and luxury residential real estate sales and/or developments. …More –>

Dispute Resolution

As business owners, the focus is on running the business amid constant new challenges, opportunities and decisions. The commercial world is often unforgiving and while businesses never plan to make mistakes, they happen. Although quite unfortunate, the modern trend of the business community is to aggressively launch allegations and investigations that ultimately may result in all parties becoming embroiled in costly and potentially crippling civil litigation. DregerLaw is acutely aware that such disputes create an immediate need for skilled intervention to manage the liability exposure and secure a swift and favorable resolution.  More –>

Construction Law

Construction, Developer, Engineering & Procurement Contracts, Project and Infrastructure Development and Finance, and Real Estate and Land Use

The construction practice of DregerLaw covers the entire spectrum of financial and commercial, industrial and residential construction work. DregerLaw attorneys assist clients with regard to all aspects of construction projects and represent owners, developers of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, investors, lenders, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, title insurance companies, landlords, tenants, brokers, consultants.  . . .
More –>

Commercial Litigation

At DregerLaw we recognize that in the final analysis, litigation is a last resort, attention-getting device. We understand that no business elects to pursue or remain in litigation, but that litigation may sometimes be a necessary means to achieving a successful end. We are focused on the big picture: Why our clients litigate, what effect litigation has on their business now and in the future, and how litigation can best be used as a tool for achieving their business’ objectives.

Success in achieving those objectives is dependent upon being prepared and upon having the necessary judgment, knowledge, attitude and resources. That is why at DregerLaw . . .  More –>

Business Formation

The right business structure is critical to the protection of a business’ assets and the personal assets of the business owners. Typical choices for businesses are sole proprietorship, partnerships, LLC, or corporation. But not all these choices offer you and your business the full protection that is needed.  At DregerLaw, our attorneys fully understand this concept and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of essential aspects of your business, including the ownership structure, the nature of liabilities, the tax consequences, the management structure, and the costs of formation and maintenance.
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The only person I would call on is Rob Dreger . . . He is an extremely bright and gifted attorney who cares about you and looks for ways to help you, even in situations where you didn’t think you had a chance to succeed.
Manny M.

Our development company has been working with Rob Dreger since the mid 80’s. The most knowledgeable, detailed, attentive attorney I’ve ever worked with including honest principals. Can’t go wrong no matter what the subject. Thumbs up Dreger Law!

Patrick W.

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