Commercial Litigation

At DregerLaw, we recognize that in the final analysis, litigation is a last resort, attention-getting device. We understand that no business elects to pursue or remain in litigation, but that litigation may sometimes be a necessary means to achieving a successful end. We are focused on the big picture: Why our clients litigate, what effect litigation has on their business now and in the future, and how litigation can best be used as a tool for achieving their business’ objectives.

Success in achieving those objectives is dependent upon being prepared and upon having the necessary judgment, knowledge, attitude and resources. That is why at DregerLawSM, you will find attorneys with significant litigation experience and legal judgment who are dedicated to you and your business and who have the drive and the resources to help you achieve your goal. Each of our attorneys has a profound desire to prevail and a deep sense of loyalty and dedication to you and your business. It is borne out of our acute awareness that we are your trusted bodyguard, and that we are not merely a legal assassin for hire. It is this distinction that separates us from the rest.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing a case. Each matter is unique and must be analyzed on its own merits. Some cases require stealth and speed, while others require strength and endurance. Some cases should be tried to verdict, while most should be settled quickly. The experienced litigators at DregerLawSM understand how to evaluate these issues and how to determine the best strategy and tactics for your particular litigation challenge.

At DregerLawSM, we pride ourselves on our thorough research, our written work product and our oral advocacy. We know that DregerLawSM having a complete command of the facts and the law, will maximize our opportunity to provide you and your business with a superior advantage and the greater likelihood of a positive outcome.