DregerLaw Helps Home Renovators


Frustrated with your contractor?

Renovation costs running out of control?

Dealing with a Mechanic’s Lien?

Thinking “this is not what I signed up for”?

We feel your pain. Been there, done that.

For over 30 years, DregerLaw has serviced the real estate community in every aspect of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our well-earned reputation as highly effective negotiators means that DregerLaw will maximize your real estate investment.

We can provide:

  • a clear and decisive plan for the orderly acquisition, renovation and sale of the property, and
  • a realistic construction budget and timeline.

Our pro-active approach to construction management includes:

  • the drafting and negotiating of construction contracts,
  • vigilant counseling concerning change orders and payouts, and
  • aggressive contractor dispute resolution strategies.

No matter what stage you are at in the home renovation process, we can provide you with our best counsel, grounded in more than 30 years of hard-earned experience.

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